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Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly

Note: The following instructions are for generic Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly and installation.  If you are looking for instructions of Spindle Bracket Assembly and installation for a specific CNC Machine, please check the following links.

The following instructions are valid for all spindle mounting bracket sizes including 52mm, 65mm, 71mm, and 80mm.

1.0 Introduction

The spindle mounting process involves securing the spindle to the machine’s frame or housing in a manner that ensures stability, accuracy, and optimal performance. This typically includes the use of a mounting bracket and fasteners to minimise vibration and deflection during operation.

1.1 Getting Started 

Before starting any build, it is a good practice to get organised. Start by unpacking all parts received and checking each part off against the Bill of Materials mentioned below:

Bill of Materials

Item Description SKU Quantity
1 90 Degree Angle Corner Connector (V-Slot) BRAC-90ANG 4
2 Spring Loaded Tee Nut HARD-TNUT-SPRING-1PC 4
3 M5-Low Profile Screw-8mm SCREWS-M5-LP-8-1 4
4 M5-Low Profile Screw-10mm SCREWS-M5-LP-10-1 4
5 M5-Low Profile Screw-20mm SCREWS-M5-LP-20-1 2
6 Spindle Mounting Bracket – Front BRAC-SPINDLE 1
7 Spindle Mounting Bracket – Back BRAC-SPINDLE 1

1.2 Tools Required

1.3 Pre Assembly Notes

We recommend that you read through the whole assembly guide before beginning the build, as this enables you to get a rough idea of how it all goes together. Before starting each step make sure you have studied the drawing and fully understand the instructions. When attaching parts, if a part is requiring significant force to attach, stop, take it off, re-read the instructions and try again. Do not over tighten screws as you may strip the thread or head. If you have any questions regarding the build please contact us at , we are happy to help!

2.0 Assembly Instructions

Please follow the below steps to assemble the spindle mounting pack:

Image 2
Figure 1

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Step 1.  Attach the 4x 90 Degree Angle Corner Connector (V-Slot) (1) to the outer set of holes of Spindle Mounting Bracket -Back (7) using 4x M5 Low Profile Screw-10mm (4) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2

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Step 2.  Loosely connect the Spindle Mounting Bracket – Front (6) to the above assembly using M5 Low Profile Screw-20mm (5). See Figure 2 for reference. The screws will be tightened completely after the spindle is installed. Please see Figure 2 for reference.

Figure 3
Figure 4

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Step 3.  Insert 4x M5-Low Profile Screw-8mm (3) into the 4x 90 Angle Corner Connector (V-Slot) of the above assembly (one in each connector). See Figures 3 & 4 for reference.

3.0 Installation of Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly on a CNC Machine

Note: Depending on the spindle you are using, you will need one or two above spindle bracket assemblies. 1.5kW and 2.2kW Spindles use 2x Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly. 400W and Makita Router use 1x Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly. In the example shown in Figure 5 & 6, 2x Spindle Bracket assemblies have been assembled on the Z-Axis of our OutBack CNC V1.1 using a 2.2kW Spindle. 

3.1 Attaching 1.5/2.2 kW Spindle

Figure 5
Figure 6

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Step 1. Insert 4x Spring Loaded Tee Nut (2) into the grooves of V-Slot 20×80/C-Beam for every Spindle  Mounting Bracket. Securely attach 1x Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly to the extrusion using  4x M5-Low Profile Screw-8mm. Please see Figures 5 & 6 for reference.

Figure 7
Figure 8

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Step 2. Place the spindle in the spindle bracket assembly and firmly tighten the 2x M5 Low Profile Screw-20mm (5) of the Spindle Mounting Bracket-Front (6) as shown in Figure 7. The assembly is complete as shown in Figure 8.

3.2 Attaching 400W Spindle and Makita Styled Router 

Figure 9

Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly for a 400W Spindle

Figure 10

Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly for a 710W Makita Router

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Figure 10

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Note: The bottom of the collet nut of the spindle in the above assembly should line up with the bottom face of the lower Z-Axis End Plate, as indicated by the red line in Figure 9.

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