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Aluminium Extrusion Deflection Calculator

Aluminium Extrusion Deflection Calculator

Aluminium Extrusion Deflection Calculator

Calculate deflection in aluminium extrusion profiles under different loads.

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How to Use the Calculator

Step 1. Begin by selecting the extrusion profile you would like to test. Once selected, more information about the particular profile will be displayed.

Step 2. Enter the desired length of the extrusion. This should be in millimeters.

Step 3. Now, you can select the load type. You can choose from either Point Load or Uniformly Distributed Load.

  • Point Load:

    A point load is a concentrated mass applied at the center of the extrusion.

  • Uniformly Distributed Load:

    A distributed load on an extrusion is a mass spread evenly along the length of the extrusion.

Step 4. You can now enter in the load value. This is measured in kilograms and will be automatically converted to newtons for the calculation.

Step 5. Once all details have been entered, simply click the "Calculate" button. This will perform the calculations and display the results for each loading scenario.

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