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MiniMill CNC Machine

The Maker Store MiniMill CNC Machine is part of our CNC Mill Kit line, designed to be a desktop plate making machine with the intention of milling aluminium, hardwoods, plastics and other materials. Based off an open source design, these machines are commonly used in plate making, key cutting, PCB milling and metal engraving while retaining a small footprint comparatively to a full CNC router.

See the video below for assembly instructions.

Bill of Materials

1Ball Bearing 688Z 8x16x5BEAR-688Z6
290 degree Angle Corner Connector (V-Slot)BRAC-90ANG6
3Cast 90-Degree Corner BracketBRAC-90CAST10
4End Cap – 2040BRAC-ENDCAP-20408
5V-Slot Door HandleBRAC-HAND2
6Single L BracketBRAC-L12
7Spindle Mounting Bracked – 71mmBRAC-SPINDLE-71MM1
8NEMA23 Stepper Motor – 1.26N.mELEC-NEMA23-635-B3
98mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 290mmHARD-ACME-8-2901
108mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 315mmHARD-ACME-8-3151
118mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 455mmHARD-ACME-8-4551
12Anti Backlash Nut BlockHARD-ACME-8-ANTIB-BLOCK3
14Lock Collar – 8mmHARD-COLL-8MM6
156.35mm x 8mm Flexible CouplingHARD-COUP-635X83
17Drop-in T-Nut – M5HARD-TNUT-DROP-M52
18Tee Nuts – 1 PieceHARD-TNUT-M5-161
19C-Beam – 107mmLR-C-S-1071
20C-Beam – 250mmLR-C-S-2503
21C-Beam – 390mmLR-C-S-3901
22Joining Plates – 5 Hole 90 degreePLATE-90-56
23C-Beam End MountPLATE-C-END6
24C-Beam Gantry Plate – Double WidePLATE-C-GANTRY-D1
25C-Beam Gantry Plate – XLPLATE-C-GANTRY-XL2
263 Hole Joining StripPLATE-STRIP-34
27Button Head Screws M3 – 6mmSCREWS-M3-BH-6-12
28Low Profile Screws M5 – 10mmSCREWS-M5-LP-10-142
29Low Profile Screws M5 – 12mmSCREWS-M5-LP-12-14
30Low Profile Screws M5 – 15mmSCREWS-M5-LP-15-124
31Low Profile Screws M5 – 20mmSCREWS-M5-LP-20-16
32Low Profile Screws M5 – 25mmSCREWS-M5-LP-25-118
33Low Profile Screws M5 – 55mmSCREWS-M5-LP-55-18
34Low Profile Screws M5 – 6mmSCREWS-M5-LP-6-18
35Low Profile Screws M5 – 8mmSCREWS-M5-LP-8-122
36Self Tapping Screws – M5SCREWS-SELFTAP-20/16
37Eccentric Spacers – 6mmSHIM-ECCENTRIC-8-68
38Precision Shim – 10x5x1mmSHIM-PREC-10512
39Precision Shim – 10x8x1mmSHIM-PREC-10818
40Aluminum Spacers – 3mmSHIM-SPAC-3MM6
41Aluminum Spacers – 40mmSHIM-SPAC-40MM6
42Aluminum Spacers – 6mmSHIM-SPAC-6MM8
43Slot Washer – 15x5x2mmSHIM-WASH-15-5-212
44Xtreme Mini V Wheel KitWHEEL-XTREME-MINIV-KIT8
45Xtreme Solid V Wheel KitWHEEL-XTREME-SOLID-V-KIT8


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  • The Open Source Hardware community
  • Our fantastic customers, whose feedback constantly helps us improve our parts and the design of this great machine.
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