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Acro CNC Mechanical Kit Assembly Instructions

The Maker Store ACRO system is based on the Open Source (CC BY-SA 4.0) OpenBuilds USA design with some minor modifications for easy construction. The ACRO system can be adapted easily to almost any size due to its effective modular design. Featuring V-Slot systems and lightweight plates made from precision-cut acrylic, the ACRO System retains the ability to be configured to custom sizes suitable to your needs while remaining lightweight and easily upgradable without starting from scratch.

The ACRO CNC is suitable for mounting 2.5-20W Blue Light Lasers for laser engraving and cutting. With some small modifications, the ACRO can also be used as a drawing machine by mounting a marker or fountain pen to the gantry.

The ACRO was designed as a lightweight and fast laser CNC machine suitable for hobby applications. It is the most accurate cost-effective system in its class.

See the video below for the mechanical assembly instructions.

Bill of Materials

1GT2 (2mm) Timing Belt (per meter)BELT-GT2-5MM-1M2
2GT2 (2mm) Aluminum Timing Pulley 20BELT-GT2-TP203
3Black Angle Corner ConnectorsBRAC-90ANG4
4L-Bracket – SingleBRAC-L14
5Nema 17 Stepper Motor 560mN.m – Version BELEC-NEMA17-B3
6Nylon Insert Hex Locknut – M5HARD-NUT-LOCK-5MM20
7Slot Cover / Panel HolderHARD-SC-RED2
8Tee Nuts – M5HARD-TNUT-110
9Double Tee NutHARD-TNUT-26
10Drop In Tee Nuts – M5HARD-TNUT-DROP-M510
11V-Slot 20 x 20mm – 500mmLR-2020-S-5002
12V-Slot 20 x 40mm – 500mmLR-2040-S-5003
13ACRO Acrylic Plate SetPLATE-ACRO-SET1
14Button Head Screws M3 – 10mmSCREWS-M3-BH-10-114
15Button Head Screws M3 – 16mmSCREWS-M3-BH-16-12
16Low Profile Screws M5 – 10mmSCREWS-M5-LP-10-18
17Low Profile Screws M5 – 15mmSCREWS-M5-LP-15-120
18Low Profile Screws M5 – 20mmSCREWS-M5-LP-20-14
19Low Profile Screws M5 – 30mmSCREWS-M5-LP-30-18
20Low Profile Screws M5 – 40mmSCREWS-M5-LP-40-14
21Low Profile Screws M5 – 8mmSCREWS-M5-LP-8-14
22Set Screw M5 – 4mmSCREWS-M5-SET-4MM6
23Self Tapping ScrewSCREWS-SELFTAP-20/14
24Precision Shim – 10x5x1mmSHIM-PREC-105118
25Precision Shim – M3 7×3.2x05mmSHIM-PREC-M32
26Metric Aluminum Spacers – 6mmSHIM-SPAC-6MM18
278mm SpannerTOOL-SPANNER-81
28Solid V Wheel KitsWHEEL-SOLIDV-KIT12
29Allen Key/Wrench Ball End 3mmTOOL-ALLEN-BALLEND-31
30Allen Key/Wrench Ball End 2.5mmTOOL-ALLEN-BALLEND-2.51
31Allen Key/Wrench Ball End 2mmTOOL-ALLEN-BALLEND-21


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