1.5/2.2kW Spindle and VFD

Safety Statement

The author of this document is not liable or responsible for any accidents, injuries, equipment damage, property damage, loss of money or loss of time resulting from improper use of electrical or mechanical or software products.

Assembling electrical and mechanical CNC machine components like power supplies, motors, drivers or other electrical and mechanical components involves dealing with high voltage AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) and other hazardous items which can be extremely dangerous and needs high attention to detail, experience, knowledge of software, electricity, electro-mechanics and mechanics.


Before starting please read through all the instructions.

Note : Any Mains power connections must be installed by a Licensed electrician or suitability qualified person.

Errors and omissions excepted


This guide is for wiring and programming the 1.5kW and 2.2KW Air Cooled or water cooled Spindle and HuanYang VFD. This guide sets the Spindle control to be via the panel on the VFD. Please note it is possible to control the Spindle through software via some CNC Controllers, however we do not support this configuration. For best use, at least when beginning and learning, keep the VFD/Spindle completely separate from your CNC Controller.

Read through all information below before starting any wiring or programming. Verify continuity using an ohms meter if the outer case on your spindle is electrically bonded to Pin 4 (earth/ground), if the spindle is not bonded to pin 4 we recommend adding a bonding wire.

Please do not attempt to run the Spindle without first adjusting the VFD parameters or you may irreversibly damage the spindle. Spindles damaged by an incorrectly programmed VFD may void your warranty
DISCLAIMER: Mains connections are to be done by a licensed electrician or suitably qualified person, always ask for a COES. Thoroughly read through the manual provided with the VFD and understand the function of the parameters before running the spindle. VFDs are complicated electronic devices and will be damaged or dangerous if not wired and configured correct. When in doubt, get a suitably qualified person to install and program. Critical parameters and the recommended settings are outlined in this guide, however again please also do your own research and read the manual thoroughly. Never make any connections or disconnections when any device is energised. Best practice is to physically unplug any electrical device from the wall when doing any electrical work. NEVER WORK ON A LIVE CIRCUIT.

VFD Connections:

It is always best to use crimped connectors when terminating to the VFD, and to solder the wires to the terminals of the Spindle. Always use heat shrink to cover all connections to protect against short circuit.

  • Mains Connection: Use a cable suitable for 10A 240V
    • R = Active
    • S = Nothing
    • T= Neutral
    • Earth = Earth
  • Spindle Connection: Best practice is to melt a small amount of solder in the connector pin before terminating the wire. Cut to length and tin the end of your cable. Then solder the cable to the terminal and ensure it is making a solid connection. Heat shrink all connections once complete.
    • U = 1
    • V = 2
    • W = 3
    • Earth/Ground = 4

Please note, if your spindle spins anti-clockwise then simply swap U and V on the VFD to make it spin clockwise.

The Earth/Ground Terminal Symbol is:

VFD Parameters:

Note: This is for spindle speed control via the VFD Panel Follow the below settings in order.

  • Factory Reset
    • Pd013 = 8
  • Source of Run Commands
    • Pd001 - 0
  • Source of operating Frequency
    • Pd002 = 0
  • Max operating Frequency
    • Pd005 = 400
  • Main Frequency (cannot do this unless set Max operating Frequency first pd005)
    • Pd003 = 400
  • Base Frequency (change the Max operating Frequency first Pd005)
    • Pd004 = 400 
  • Min Frequency
    • Pd007 = 0.50
  • Max Voltage
    • Pd008 = 220
  • Intermediate Frequency
    • Pd009 = 15
  • Min Voltage
    • Pd010 = 8.0
  • Frequency Lower Limits
    • Pd011 = 133.33
  • Acceleration Time 1
    • Pd014 = 10
  • Deceleration Time 1
    • Pd015 = 10
  • Starting Mode
    • Pd025 = 0
  • Starting Frequency
    • Pd027 = 0.80
  • Rated Motor Voltage
    • Pd141 = 220
  • Rated Motor Current (Ensure you Choose the current motor current for your spindle)
    • 1.5KW: Pd142 = 7
    • 2.2KW: Pd142 = 9
  • Motor Poles
    • Pd143 = 2
  • Rated Motor Revolutions
    • Pd144= 3000


When you turn on the VFD press the “»»shift” button. It should say F400.00 (or another number) this is the frequency menu. 400.00 is maximum as set by pd005, the minimum should be 133 as set by pd011 (not recommended to be lower than this), note your VFD can display lower than 133, but the actual spindle will not go any lower than 133. You can adjust the frequency using the arrows. The spindle should only run once you press the Run button. You can increase the speed and decrease the speed before you press Run, also during Run. Press the “»»shift” button to change the speed units.