XYZ Touch Probe

For information on how to wire the XYZ Touch Probe with our controllers, see the below links.

In order to use the probe, please download our macro here. This macro allows you to probe the X, Y and Z. The probing sequence is Z, then Y and then X. To add this macro, simply copy the contents of the macro and paste them in the macro widget in CNCjs. Please note that the macro is for a ⅛” diameter end mill. To use other end mills you will be required to modify the macro.

To set the macro in CNCjs, navigate to the macro widget in CNCjs. Click on the + to add a new macro.

Name the macro and paste the contents of the macro displayed below into the text box as shown below:

G38.2 Z-25 F100;
G91 G0 Z3;
G91 G0 X-30;
G91 G0 Z-8.2;
G38.2 X30 F100;
G91 G0 X-3.175;
G91 G0 Z8.2;
G91 G0 Y-30;
G91 G0 X30;
G91 G0 Z-8.2;
G38.2 Y30 F100;
G91 G0 Y-3.175;
G91 G0 Z20;
G10 P0 L20 X15.943 Y-15.667 Z20
G0 X0Y0 ;Go to X0Y0

Click Ok and the macro will be saved. It will be displayed in a manner shown below.

To run the macro, press the play button and a prompt will open. Click run and the macro will automatically run.

By default, the xPRO-V5 is configured for a Normally Closed touch probe. To use our Normally Open touch probe with the xPRO, please enter $6=1 in the CNCjs console. You Only need to do this once and it will be saved in the memory of the xPRO controller. If you were to re-flash the xPRO, you will need to re-enter the command.

The Z probes first, then the X and finally the Y axis.