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AXBB-E Quick Start Guide

Introduction The AXBB-E is a class-leading motion controller and breakout board combination with ethernet interface.This motion controller can communicate with a connection to the control computer’s network card. The connection can be built with a direct connection or via router/switch devices in a local area network (LAN). The AXBB-E can be used to control CNC …

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Standard Table Assembly Guide

Enjoy the look of that V-Slot so much that you just want to make everything out of it? How about a modular table or desk made out of the stuff, ready fit for any space you need it for.

Machine Table Assembly Guide

Our Modular Machine Tables are a great solution for a CNC Machine stand, or a light yet strong table/workbench. Due to the modular nature of our extrusion and hardware, adapting or adjusting the table to suit your needs is easy and practical.

Closed Loop Stepper Motor and Driver

What Are Closed Loop Stepper Control Systems? Closed-loop stepper motors are similar to regular stepper motors but have better performance due to the addition of an encoder as well as lower internal inductance. The end result is that the system using these motors performs much better. When coupled to closed-loop motors and drivers, CNC machines, …

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CNC Commissioning Guide

CNC Commissioning Guide The CNC Commissioning Guide is the Step between having your machine built and having it running its first job.   It is important to read carefully through this guide to avoid machine inaccuracy, poor performance, damaged parts and the most important, your time trying to troubleshoot all possible issues just mentioned.  We recommend …

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OutBack CNC V1

OutBack CNC Version 1.0 Mechanical Assembly Instructions Safety Statement The author of this document is not liable or responsible for any accidents, injuries, equipment damage, property damage, loss of money or loss of time resulting from improper use of electrical or mechanical or software products. Assembling electrical and mechanical CNC machine components like power supplies, …

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WorkBee CNC V3 Assembly

WorkBee CNC Version 3 Mechanical Assembly Instructions About the WorkBee CNC V3 The first WorkBee CNC model was originally designed by Ryan Lock of Ooznest UK. It was a strong, accurate and easy to assemble CNC machine. This new WorkBee CNC Version 3 is the Maker Hardware kit based on the popular WorkBee CNC Machine …

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xPRO V5 CNC Controller FAQ troubleshooting guide